Business Consulting

Helping Business Leaders Succeed

Villager Insurance and Consulting Group is passionate about training and helping business leaders succeed. The leadership team has a proven track record of guiding industry leaders to prosperity. What we do:

  • Help Business Leaders accelerate profitable growth
  • Provide Programs and Processes that are custom designed to help you succeed
  • Help Agency Owners with perpetuation planning
  • Our Team is Solely Focused on Your Success

The Case for Change

  • An increasing number of companies are selling directly to consumers.
  • To compete, many businesses have become heavily transaction oriented while most consumers would prefer they offer advice, great service and deliver value.
  • Most Business Leaders would like their sales teams to focus more on delivering value and building customer relationships.
  • To meet consumer needs, many Business Leaders believe their teams need training for better more consistent business processes and best practices.
  • VICG offers programs and processes that are custom designed to deliver value and accelerate profitable growth.

Business Consulting

  • Design and installation of processes proven to improve business results
  • Strengthening customer relationships and improving customer retention
  • Leveraging the 12 Week Year business system to improve performance
  • Highly skilled business consultants

Sales and Service Training | VICG Offers the Latest in Adult Learning Techniques

  • The design is proven to improve business results and knowledge retention
  • Face to face sales and service training for all associates
  • A revolutionary approach to eLearning by combining brain science and gamification
  • World-class training that is on demand, fun and engaging (8-10 min per day)
  • Specific skills and capabilities needed to better enable business success
  • Learning verification with real-time progress reports

Agency Perpetuation

  • Providing agency owners who want to sell a list of qualified buyers and/or co-owners
  • Offering agency owners who want to expand the opportunity to meet agencies who want to sell
  • Assistance in developing and implementing an Agency Acquisition Transition Plan designed to minimize loses and accelerate growth
  • Assistance with Acquisition Financing and Perpetuation Planning

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