About PoplarRED

Over the last 15 years, PoplarRED has successfully closed numerous commercial real estate loans and built an Investment portfolio in the Denver metro area.

Adam Aluise, President

With years of real estate, finance, and banking experience, Adam’s skill set leverages the latest in data & analytics while bringing sound financial analysis and strong knowledge of the local market.  Over the years, this expertise has positioned PoplarRED to continue to successfully execute commercial loans and profitable investment deals.

Holding a degree in finance and a career in banking and investment, Adam has spent significant time building tools and models specific to the commercial real estate market.  His models specialize in evaluating both long- and short-term real estate investment opportunities as well as assessing the local market.

Prior to sourcing debt or sharing an opportunity, Adam completes a detailed analysis. This knowledge was gained as a commercial loan underwriter. Adam’s expertise includes equity and debt sourcing, relationship and project management, risk management, real estate development, credit approval, restructuring, and business support.