Who We Are

Commercial loan brokerage and real estate investment company determined to provide our borrowers with optimal financing terms and significant return characteristics to partners.

This is accomplished through careful underwriting, structuring; economic/market conditions; industry analysis/trends; financial condition; and cash flow analysis. Borrower and partner requirements are always met with the highest quality manner.

Keys to Success:

  • Record – PoplarRED has originated and managed hundreds of millions in committed commercial real estate facilities. PoplarRED successfully invests and develops commercial real estate.
  • Experience – Over fifteen years in finance, banking, and commercial real estate.
  • Distinguished – Credible, Professional, Ethical, Unique

PoplarRED is a partner that pays for itself!

Debt (Financing)

PoplarRED understands not one-size-fits-all and uses its unique ability to craft and obtain the best financing terms, structure, pricing, and flexibility tailored to achieve its borrowers’ goals. Think of PoplarRED as being equipped with the greatest number of tools possible in the ever-changing financing industry.

Real Estate

PoplarRED is your trusted advisor. Real estate investment is more than purchasing property. That’s why PoplarRED offers consulting services. Whether you need a conversation, full underwriting, modeling, or market analysis PoplarRED has you covered.


PoplarRED regularly provides training sessions. Topics include:

  • Analyzing Cash Flow and Debt Service Capacity
  • Analyzing Personal Financial Statements
  • Business and Industry Risk – Real Estate
  • Customer Call Effectiveness
  • NOI – Derive, Utilize, Monetize, and Sensitize
  • Real Estate and Commercial Loan Requests


PoplarRED is constantly identifying real estate opportunities for investment. With a moderate risk tolerance, protecting the downside is as important as realizing solid return characteristics. That said, partners have always been very pleased with the strategic execution, IRR, cash-on-cash, and return on investment.

Recent Transactions


"Hi Adam, I want to Thank You for everything you put into our real estate project! You had to bring in multiple people, find a site, finance, handle the inevitable issues that come up, manage architects, contractors, zoning and codes, and attend to your family. Great Job!! If you decide to do something like this again, I would certainly like to participate. With much appreciation."

-Mark N.

"Adam provided exceptional returns for investors, and was always on top of the numerous challenges that came up during the construction process. Despite these difficulties (along with many others), Adam was able to come up with common sense solutions that ultimately lead to highly positive results on the project."

-Brian K.

"We were under contract to purchase a multi-family building. We talked with Adam about what we were looking for. What he came back with was more than we expected and made sense for us. We were beyond pleased with his services. I look forward to working with him again and have referred him to colleagues and associates. "

-Ed S.

"My group needed to refinance our two self-storage properties. We had been in a dispute with RTD which made things difficult. Additionally, one of our partners lives out of the country. Adam made the process easy plus helped us obtain a great structure and pricing. I would recommend Adam to assist with your financing needs."

-Hal N.

"My partner and I needed financing for our flex-industrial project. There were a couple moving pieces including spec construction. Adam knew what to do and made the process easy. It was exactly what we needed, and he saved us 000’s in payments and fees. You should call him if you need financing."

-Gordon C.

"Because Adam knows bank standards and policy he was able to help us understand our options. We were pleasantly surprised with what terms he was able to achieve. He ran point for the whole process and saved us the headache. I can’t tell you how valuable it was. The terms were great but his understanding of the process and alleviating the stress was equally as important."

-Rick T.

"I don’t know if there is anything he doesn’t know about financing or commercial real estate. You did a great job with the Native project. Cha-ching."

-Dean R.

"Adam has gotten us financing for many projects. He’s also provided training to our staff. Our team thinks of him as a trusted advisor and go to financing partner. We have a couple projects going on with him. If anyone needs modeling or underwriting give him a ring."

-Tom E.

"I want to thank you for all of your work to get us excellent terms and pricing. You understood our strategy and provided excellent advice. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a loan broker."

-Rob E.

"Adam did a great job helping us to finance our first project so we worked with him again, and again. It’s not always about the lowest rate but in these instances, it was really, really attractive. It’s hard to imagine the amount of money we’ve saved. Until the next time. Great work!"

-Larry O.