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John Mancuso

John Mancuso, founder of JWM Wellness, has been passionately living his dream for over 12 years now leading individuals, corporations, and communities in bettering their Health & Wellness.  Growing up in the Midwest, you could always find him in the gym, on the football field, around the basketball courts, running the track, and even carrying around a tennis racket.  It was here he developed a love for being physically fit, as well as the importance of exercise for the body.
This passion has blossomed into a career as a personal / group trainer who is highly devoted to making a special impact in the lives of every individual he comes in contact with.  Throughout the years, he has explored a variety of gyms and health clubs, experimented with many different training programs and regiments, closely monitored his nutrition and taken great pride in personal dedication towards being health-conscious.  It gives him great pleasure to extend his expertise and knowledge to you.
If you’re looking to become more physically fit…..need a coach who will offer you a plan and accountability….and want to become a member of a valuable community, John will make every experience a memorable one.
He looks forward to changing your Life.

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The human body is a complex machine. We need to give it the type of attention and care it so deserves. You take care of your kids ... your home ... your finances ... your car; why not take care of YOURSELF?