About Debby Field, ACC, PRC

Life Coach

I am a faith-based coach that serves women in codependence, adult child and addiction recovery who are serious about building peace and contentment in their lives, increasing their emotional wit and creating flourishing relationships.

ACC: Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

PRC: Certified Progressive Recovery Coach

My Background

When I retired from nursing due to low vision, I began to research fulfilling my desire to become a therapist or counselor. In this process, I discovered coaching. The more I learned the more I knew coaching was my passion. For 20 years, I had, already, been partnering with women to work their recovery programs. The coaching education gave me the ability to partner with women in a deeper more thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal potential and transform their lives. They deepen their RECOVERY by growing in resilience, emotional wit, creative choices, overcoming defeat, valuing themselves, ego calming, relationships and yielding before making decisions.

My Story

I am a recovering person myself. Mine began when my life got too painful due to my first husband’s use of alcohol. I worked the family program, then progressed to adult child recovery, which was where I found healing for my personal issues that had begun due to trauma I experienced in my childhood. Today I have a wonderful husband, happy children and a career that I am passionate about. There is nothing that lights up my life any more than seeing another woman become the happy, peaceful person we are all created to be. She is like a slowly blooming flower in her life, in her relationships, and in her career. No woman has to let life defeat her; we are all stronger and more creative than we know.

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