Are you the loved one of an addict? Do you feel like you’re throwing money at the problem but the problem never gets solved? You have options!

Leaving a legacy for our children should mean more than money. We work with your family to create loving connections and learn practical lessons that will span generations. That’s true wealth!
We understand what you’re going through as a family and what your kids are going through as addicts because we’ve been those children and we’ve been those parents. Our personal experience and professional expertise help guide your family through recovery.

What is a Family Recovery Coach?

A Family Recovery Coach provides support to families of loved ones struggling from addiction through their own recovery process. Often times the family members lives can begin to unravel as they navigate the throws of addiction and early recovery. The Family Recovery Coach focuses on helping the affected family member develop skills, tools and the courage to navigate the recovery journey with grace.


Family Based Coaching

Cor’s Family Based Coaching Program helps your family get back on track. By working with all of the family members to understand why they do what they do, Cor guides families toward more effective communication.


Family Workshop

Cor works with your family to create an immediate awareness and an action plan around the family’s role in support of the addict.

Our Approach To Coaching

The concept of Cor began when we collectively asked: “What if we had had a professional organization that could have addressed our past trauma and our four generations of addiction? What if we had had a professional organization that could have helped us — not just individually but as a family — to break the cycle and allow the entire family to heal?”

Having watched numerous friends and loved ones drown themselves in addiction, we realized that – metaphorically speaking – trying to fish people out of the river was not effective. We needed to go upriver and keep them from falling in the river in the first place. Thus, Cor was formed in the spirit of helping families address their unique needs, in creating a supportive environment for the entire family to move forward and work together to prevent any member from falling back in.